PROElliot™ is our web-based Industrial IoT Platform providing Pro Customers with a direct and secure portal to their chiller system data. Go beyond remote monitoring and get the information that’s important to you.

Beyond Remote Monitoring

Remotely control, monitor, troubleshoot, and manage your chiller system through an intuitive dashboard from anywhere.

Maintain Consistent Cold Chain Processes

Our new PROE7Chart is the first electronic 7-day chart to give the old paper systems a reason to retire. This circular chart cleverly tracks the cycles of your cold chain processes throughout the business week from Sunday through Saturday. Quickly spot inconsistencies in your cold chain and maintain the same high quality final product week after week.

Analytics Puts Quality In Your Hands

We securely obtain, store, and analyze the operating data from the equipment we build. This data is stored in the cloud, giving us the ability to serve your data to you on demand. By collecting system data, we are not only providing you access to real-time system information but also fine tuning our ability to provide you predictive information. We see a future where our systems can inform you of issues before they occur, preventing downtime and loss of product.

Monitor & Control From Anywhere

Analyze system data through visualizations displayed on a customized dashboard. Register all of your systems across geographic locations to view relevant information on a single page. We provide real-time operational data, with a historical view including trend charts and alarm logs below. In addition to an on-demand review of system performance, customers can also receive operational alerts via email or text message.

Complete Cold-Chain Verification

Cold Chain Dairy Coverage

Not Just Monitoring...













Chiller Portal- A direct portal into your chiller system, for you and your service provider.

Notifications- Email notifications in the event of an alert or alarm.

Support- Professional troubleshooting tips, support, and resources at mychiller.com.

History- Historical records of system operating data. Download and export custom reports directly from PROElliot™ portal.

Maintenance Reminders- Preventive maintenance scheduling and notifications.

Monitor Anything- 3 EA temperature sensors supplied with 100’ cable to track and monitor what is specifically important to you.  Additional Inputs available*

Ethernet Connection- Supports 10/100MBS ethernet networks.

WiFi Connectivity- Dual-Band 2.4GHz and 5 GHz WiFi provides a reliable connection with fewer interruptions.

Cellular Connection- Connect from anywhere. Leveraging the power of multiple major carriers, while being tailored for your chiller system.


All current models are PROElliot capable!
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Is your Pro Chiller compatible with PROElliot?

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see it in action

Please contact us for a live demo of the newest PROElliot Cold Chain dashboard. We would love to show you our latest addition, the PROE7chart in action.

Managing your cold chain